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We built a complete Industrial IoT platform which included a device cloud, client application, IoT gateway, & hardware that interfaces with industrial sensors & bluetooth devices.


MAG Foundation

MAG Foundation

Custom non-profit management app & educator portal that provides art supplies to classrooms. Educators can create accounts, and manage art supplies wishlists, and post classroom art.




Web application for photographers and studios to manage client workflow and payments. Photographers can manage teams, clients, and enable payment processing for streamlined purchasing.


« Can you change to the Documents folder?

» Great! You have successfully changed to the Documents folder. How can I assist you further?

« Can you change to the logs folder?

» Excellent! You have successfully changed to the logs folder. How else may I assist you?

« What's here?

» Here are the files currently present in the logs folder:

- file1.log
- file2.log
- file3.log

How may I be of further assistance?

« What's in file1.log?

» The content of file1.log is: "file 1 content"

How else can I assist you?

« Can you consolidate the contents of these 3 log files into a new log file?

» Great! The contents of file1.log, file2.log, and file3.log have been consolidated into a new log file called consolidated.log. Is there anything else I can help you with?

« What is the content of consolidated.log?

» The content of consolidated.log is as follows:

file 1 content
file 2 content
file 3 content


Open Source AI interface for bash on Linux systems. BHMsh writes shell scripts and runs them based on user requests.



BHM Chat

Custom ChatGPT interface that generates functional specifications for technical projects.